Exibition "IKEBANA TODAY" on April 2-4 at "Japan House"

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Exibition "IKEBANA TODAY" on April 2-4 at "Japan House"

"Japan House" and "Ikebana International" Moscow Chapter 256 invite you to the exibition "IKEBANA TODAY" which will take place from 2 till 4 of April at "Japan House". Various theme events will take place during the exibition. You can visit ikebana art demonstrations, workshops, open lessons. Admission free.

Studies of Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e will take place on March 28-29 at Japan House

Japan House and E.N.International invite you to studies of Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e on March 28 and 29. Trainers: Iida Kazuko (president of "E.N.International", Japanese painting and sumi-e expert). Reed more...

Studies of Japanese calligraphy and gift sumi-e will take place on September 6 at Japan House

Japan House and E.N.International invite you to studies of Japanese calligraphy and gift sumi-e on September 6 (Sunday). Trainers: Osanai Tomiko (writer, calligraphy and sumi-e expert) and Iida Kazuko (president of "E.N.International", Japanese painting and sumi-e expert). Reed more...

Book of Ms. Noriko Endo "Taste of Japan. What do you know about Japanese food?"

This is the second volume of the "Little Japanese secrets" series of books written by Noriko Endo. The book is devoted to Japanese cuisine and those little-known traditions which might be interesting for non-Japanese. Reed more...

The book of Ms. Noriko Endo "Little Japanese secrets"

We would like to bring your attention to the book of Ms. Noriko Endo called "Little Japanese secrets". The book contains general advices on housekeeping gathered by many generations of Japanese housewives. Reed more...

The new article "Kazari-sushi: the delicious pictures" has been added

Kazari-sushi only at first sight look like ordinary rolls. Their view is able to raise the mood, to wake the appetite and to cause not only meditative but also gustatory pleasure. Reed more

The new article "Spring: the season of bamboo and coltsfoot" has been added

The Japanese cuisine commonly uses young wild herds and plants. They not only contain a lot of health-giving materials and vitamins, but are nice-looking and tasty. We want to tell you about young bamboo shoots and coltsfoot. Reed more

The new article "Is potato useful? Yes! And not only as food" has been added

Potato is one of the most health-giving food. We'll tell you how to use potato as remedy and in housekeeping. Reed more

The new article "Pumpkin: the main autumn vegetable" has been added

Among all vegetables pumpkin takes first place for a great deal of nutritive materials. We offer you a lot of original recipes of first, second and dessert courses with pumpkin. Read more

The new article "Doyo Ushi no Hi - the day of grilled eels" has been added

You'll know about courses that Japanese eat while heat for recreating. Also youll know interesting story about Eel day. Read more

The new article "Sakura gohan: two symbols in one course" has been added

This article is about main symbols of Japan and their role in Japanese life, culture and cuisine. Read more

The new article about original figures made of fruits has been added

With the help of our advices you'll easy learn to make original decoration for dinner-table or pleasant surprise for relations or friends. Read more

Dear users! Please write us what information about Japanese cuisine and culture you would like to see on

We necessarily take your wishes into account. You can write on

The recipes of Japanese vegetarian dishes have been added

You can get to know the recipes of various vegetarian dishes. These dishes are easy to cook, light, good for health and very tasty. Reed more

The new article about old Japanese way of packing and carrying, furoshiki, has been added

Article tells about history of furoshiki and demonstrates in graphic all advantages of this way of packing goods and presents. Reed more

The new article about Shinto temples jinja has been added

You can get to know the history of jinja, their lay-out and being in modern conditions. Reed more

The new article about choice and care of antique furniture has been added

Article contains advises how to choose and buy antique Japanese furniture and how to care for it. Also the means of repair in home practice are described. Reed more

The new article Calorie content of sushi has ben added

Article contains the information about health-giving qualities of sushi and calorie content of the most well-known sushi. Read more

The new article about famous Japanese lockers "tansu" has been added

Article tells about history and modern state of tansu which are very popular among fanciers of antique furniture. Reed more

The new section Traditions has been added

This section contains the information about Japanese traditions, style and mode of life. Read more

The new section Obento has been added

The section contains the information about primordially Japanese tradition with preparation, submission and reception of food. Read more

The new section Lemon characteristics has been added

The section contains interesting and useful information about cookery and housekeeping use of lemon. Read more

Section Green tea has been added

The section contains interesting information about favourite Japanese drink.
Read more

The section "Useful and dietary dishes" has been refreshed

The section is replenished by recipes of new dishes which are as tasty as good for health. Read more

The new section "Concise Japanese culinary terms dictionary" has been added

If during cooking you are confronted with odd product name in recipe, our dictionary help you understand it.

The new section Sumo has been added

History of origin and current situation of the Japanese sumo

The new article Tyankonabe has ben added

You can find a lot of intresting facts about amazing dish of Japanese sumotori. Read more.

Site map has been added

Now there is excellent navigator which help you in moment find one or another section or article. Visit site map

New article about pumpkin has been added

In section "Useful and dietary dishes" you can read article about useful characteristics of pumpkin and know the secrets of pumpkin cooking in Japan
Read more

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